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Electronic Measurements

Elementary measurement knowledge

Index of articles about elementary knowledge of electronic measurements.

Energy measurement

Theory & definitions

To obtain the right parameters, it isn't enough to connect the measurement instrument in the right way. The goal of the measurement is determinative how the equipment is set up. A current measurement to determine the heat development in a wire needs another parameter than a current measurement to keep track of the charge state of a capacity or battery.
tribo electric effect

Measurement errors

When small voltages and/or where voltages must be accurately determined, measurement errors can easily occur by disturbing influences. This article discussed some causes that may affect the measurement of voltages and currents.
symbols on a dial instrument

Accuracy, precision & resolution

Due to the tolerances in measuring instruments a quantity can never be determined with an absolute certainty. There will always be a degree of uncertainty remaining. This article discusses how the specified accuracy of measurement instruments should be interpreted.


Electronic circuitry used in measurement equipment are subject to a certain deviation who influences the stability and accuracy. Offset, drift en variations in gain due to temperature changes, aging and power supply changes cause measurement uncertainties of sometimes unacceptable proportions. By making use a self-calibration circuit and protocol the accuracy of a measurement is vastly increased.