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Electronic Measurements

House Rules & Post Instructions

Electronics and measurements

In line with the focus of this site it's desirable that the messages are subject of electronics and measurements.

Accounts & comments

An account can be obtained after a reaction to an article is posted.

To respond to an article, it is not necessary to have an account. After posting a comment you get an email to confirm your reaction. You can then, or at a later time, choose to create an account. If a comment is placed under your account it will be immediately placed without a confirmation.

Posting messages

To post messages you must be logged. A message is divided into an introduction and a sequel. There are therefore two text boxes provided. The introductory text will be displayed on the overview pages. Add a short descriptive title to the message.

Images in posts

Each message can be provided with pictures. The image in the "Introduction" should be uploaded. To keep the layout of the overview pages clean, the size of the image in the introduction is adjusted to the amount posted text.

Only in the "sequel" images can be added with UBB codes [img] ... [/ img].

Product news

Measuring instruments and supplies new on the market can be presented in the category product news. Links to the manufacturer and the official distributor are allowed.
However, it is not intended that the retail offers presents or otherwise advertises its own trade. These messages and links to retailers will be edited or deleted.

Supply & demand of goods

For offering and requests of goods there is no place in the "News and Opinion" section. There are other websites for this kind of trade.

UBB codes

Messages and comments can be formatted with UBB code. Below the applicable codes.

Formatting text

[b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i], [u]underlined[/u] en [s]strike out[/s]:
⇒ bold, italic, underlined en strike out

[sup]super[/sup]script and [sub]sub[/sub]script.
⇒ superscript en subscript.

Paragraph header

[kop]Paragraph 1[/kop]

⇒ Paragraph 1



[]A site[/url]
⇒ A site



HTML Entity's

Special characters can be entered as HTML entity's

€ ⇒ € 
ω ⇒ ω 
Ω ⇒ Ω