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Electronic Measurements

DIY instruments

Not all measuring equipment has to be purchased. Sometimes equally good results can be achieved with DIY instruments. It may also be that the necessary equipment is not available. Beside this it is also an opportunity to learn how these measurement devices function.

photodiode BPW21

Fast Lux meter

Lux meters are used for measuring the light intensity. A lot of models are available on the market to choose from. However, types that are able to measure fast intensity fluctuations are rare. This lux meter can measure frequencies up to 340 kHz.
arduino wattmeter display

Arduino wattmeter

This wattmeter measures the consumed or delivered power and energy. And beside this, numerous voltage and current related parameters. The instrument is suitable for AC and DC. It is also an ideal project to learn how mean, RMS and power measurements can be done with a microcontroller.