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Electronic Measurements

Measuring fundamental quantities

Index of articles that describes the measurement the basic fundamental quantities.

digital voltmeter

Measuring voltage

The measurement of the voltage difference, also called the potential difference, is on of the most performed measurements in the art of electronics. This article explains the measurement principle and shows what the influence of the used measurement instrument is on the result.
range switch current meter

Measuring current

The current measurement is often used to diagnose circuits. It reveals a lot about faults in circuits and how these perform. It's also an important component, together with a voltage measurement, of a power measurement.
table of a wattmeter range switch

Measuring power

The measurement of the dissipated power of a device or component is often subject to measurement errors. Very decisive for the result is if there is measured on an alternating or direct voltage. Also the load type and in relation to that, the voltage and current shape, dictates which measurement devices may be used.
three-phase voltage

Measuring three-phase power

To measure the power of a three-phase installation or machine, the power of each line must be measured simultaneously. This article describes the pros and cons of three commonly used measuring methods.

Temperature Measurements

While doing test on electronic circuits is it sometimes necessary to monitor the temperature to determine if parts are not overloaded. This article shows how to do these measurements and how to prevent measurement errors.