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Electronic Measurements

Measurement examples

These articles address specific measurements problems and interesting phenomena.

Tube light starter

TL igniting phenomena and strange starter behaviour

It all began with a power measurement on an igniting tube light. A part of this ingniting procedure looked strange and could not be interpret. This let to the discovery that light radioactive materials are being used in TL-starters.
measuring computer power

Measuring PC power consumption

Measuring the power consumption of mains powered devices isn't so easy as it seems. Huge measurement errors occur quickly without noticing. This article shows how this happens with a example power measurement on a desktop computer.
Measuring a power supply

Measurements on a simple power supply

Choosing the right parameters is essential for every measurement. This article describes what the parameter indicates and which to chose. This is done with measurement examples on a simple power supply consisting of a rectifier and a smoothening capacitor.