Electronic Measurements

Electronic Measurements

A focus on measurements in the electronic and electrical engineering.


Everyone who is involved in the electronic or electrical engineering will face sooner or later measurement challenges. Experience shows that an error is quickly made. Both the simplest as the more complex measurements could hold a real snag in it. Meettechniek.info will provide information and insight into various measurements and their background.

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My LeCroy recovery story

My LeCroy LT344L oscilloscope, the driving force behind this website, was very very ill. At first it took a long time to boot and later it booted not at all any ...

New wattmeter project

As a result of the popularity of the DIY Arduino Wattmeter and questions about additional functionality, the idea arose to design and produce a more practical w ...

Thermoelectric voltages of shunt resistors

Be careful when selecting a resistor for your shunt when low burden voltages are required. Beside the temperature coefficient, the thermoelectric voltages will ...

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Oscilloscope parameters
In: Additive synthese waveform generator

How do I get sound? I can't get anything!

In: Magnetic hysteresis

When do you get a circular shape, and what is CRO?

In: Magnetic hysteresis

I want to know , why we get a circular shape graph in CRO

In: Measurement Errors

Can you tell if a digital multimeter or a digital panel controller will show negative reading for an AC current especially for Power Factor Correction panel? D ...

In: Fast Lux meter

The MAX4239 has a lower input offset voltage, so the negative output voltage sould become less by using this opamp. If the bandwidth is less important you could ...