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Electronic Measurements

Measuring passive components

A summary of articles where the measuring of passive components are explained.

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Measuring resistance

Measuring of the ohmic resistance is one of the basic measurements, often carried out with a multimeter. This article describes how a multimeter does this kind of measurements and how it can be replicated by other means. Additional infomation is given for measuring very low and high resistances.
measuring on capacitors

Measuring capacitance & ESR

There are numerous methods to measure the capacitance of capacitors. A selection of these are described in this article. Beside the capacitance also the internal series resistance, known as ESR, can be measured at the same time.
measuring on a coil

Measuring self-inductance & ESR

This article describes different methods to measure the self-inductance and ESR of coils. Also the measuring of the DC amplitude depending self-inductance is discussed
parasitic parameters

Measuring parasitic properties

Beside the most dominant parameters of resistors, capacitors and inductors, parasitic parameter could have a great influence in certain circumstances. This article describes how these parameters can be measured.
various magnetic cores

Measuring the magnetic permeability

This article describes how the (drive dependent) magnetic permeability of core-materials can be measured.
hysteresis curve

Measuring the magnetic hysteresis

The magnetic hysteresis curve reveals a lot of information about the material properties used as cores in inductors and transformers. They indicate how large the power losses in the core may be, shows what the maximum driving level is and gives an indication of the amplitude depending permeability.