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Electronic Measurements

New wattmeter project

wattmeter screen As a result of the popularity of the DIY Arduino Wattmeter and questions about additional functionality, the idea arose to design and produce a more practical wattmeter. This product will be developed in collaboration with the embedded software company Embiant. Once a satisfactory design and prototype is ready, it will be made available by a Kickstarter project.

The first ideas about the requirements and functionalities are the following:
- power measurement: real, apparent, reactive, peak and energy,
- voltage and current measurement: mean, RMS, standard deviation, peak, frequency, phase, flux and charge,
- suitable for AC and DC,
- auto ranging,
- logging selectable parameters on a SD-card,
- separate voltage and current terminals,
- 4.24 kV isolation between the measuring terminals and the other connectivities,
- connectivities by: usb, wifi,
- powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery (charged by usb),
- full color touch screen for read outs, graphs and settings.

Please leave a comment here or use the contact form if you like to be informed about this project and when the Kickstarter project starts. And please do not hesitate to comment if you have additional ideas for this instrument.
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